Our History


It was a burning desire to bring the best to human health, to make meaningful and valuable contributions to life through medical profession – particularly, to help people live a healthier and happier life, to help reduce pain problems from diseases – that urged a medical student not only to dig into clinical pathology but also to extend her interests to discovering subclinical pathology.

Despite being of a complicated and difficult field to work in, medical assay and diagnosis are definitely important to help make right decisions for effective treatment. For that very reason, subclinical tests are indispensable tools for a clinician to have accurate diagnosis and treatment.

In turn, with his professional knowledge, a clinician will play his great role in improving the accuracy of subclinical test results, and particularly in synthesizing and analyzing test results in difficult or complicated cases.

Desire, Passion and Enthusiasm
and Enthusiasm

It was the desire, passion and enthusiasm that strongly urged her – a medical student – to nurture an idea of combining clinical and subclinical knowledge to optimize the medical diagnosis and treatment. After her graduating and becoming a doctor, that idea turned into a company: Thien My Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was born. The aim of that idea – and of this newborn business as well – was give the best support to improve the subclinical results.

Established in 2000, the company specialized in distributing the medical biological products for rapid diagnosis, and chemical substances, medical equipments for medical assays.

With a strong desire of turning professional knowledge, passion and enthusiasm into  advantage to make a great contribution, add greater values to life, the founder of Thien My Company has made great efforts to develop and improve her initial idea in order to serve the medical science in most effective ways, and to bring more benefits to human life. Furthermore, with a deeper and deeper understanding of the mutual relationship between clinical and subclinical field, the founder of Thien My came to a decision to become a pioneer in manufacturing a product line of chemical-test tubes to gradually replace the imported ones so as to make that product more  affordable to people all around the country. To serve that new purpose, Thien My Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. changed its name into Hong Thien My Medical Equipment JSC., with this philosophy: we don’t merely do business or try our best to sell as much products as possible, but we have an ultimate aim: to bring the best benefits to patients through giving those who use assay products the best knowledge to help their patients in most effective ways.

Quick – Accurate – Effective (Slogan)
Since then, Hong Thien My has become the pioneer in manufacturing the chemical test tubes and expendable materials used in medical tests. It was the first company to be authorized by the Ministry of Health to produce and distribute chemical test tubes (license number 38/2012/BYT-TB-CT) and expendable materials (license number 3861/2012/BYT-TB-CT). Those product lines of Hong Thien My meet the standard of ISO 13485:2003 certified by NQA (England) with a totally automatized production line.

These rewards below are proofs of our commitment to the quality of expendable materials: + The quality supplier certification (2012) granted by Vietnamese Enterprise Institute and Enterprise Credit Rating Appraise Science Center.

+ EDTA-HTM was in the list of top 100 golden products in time of international economic integration, chosen by the National Office of Intellectual Property Of Vietnam. + Award of Prestige Brand by Vietnamese Enterprise Institute (2012).



Vision - Mission - Core values

“In its every single step, Hong Thien My always keeps customers in mind, take them as our focal point, constantly improve ourselves to a better service for customers, and strictly adhere to our slogan.”