Certified Achievements


The year 2012 marked a great success of Vietnamese businessmen and their businesses. They were honored for their continuous efforts to keep a steady socio-economic development in the global crisis, and to bring the whole country to a period of fast and steady improvement.

 In order to respond to the movement of “Option for Vietnamese products” – a large movement to enhance competition, trust, and national pride of Vietnames products – under the instruction and sponsorship of Vietnamese Union of Science and Technology Associations, Vietnamese Association of Young Scientists & Engineers, Vietnamese Association of Young Scientists & Engineers, Vietnamese Intellectual Property Institute - Vietnamese Intellectual Property Association, in cooperation with Hoang Gia Advertising and Trading Investment Joint Stock Company, a campaign named “Golden Products – Golden Services in 2012” was launched to elect and give awards to the winners.



(Dr. TO ANH LOAN, CEO of Hong Thien My is receiving the award)

This campaign in 2012 was a meaningful activity of Vietnamese Intellectual Property Association in contributing to the socio-economic development of the country through honoring competitive, famous brands, as well as the quality products and services, of members of Vietnamese Intellectual Property Association throughout the country. At the ceremony held in Hanoi in June 2012, over 130 brands were honored.


“Trusted Quality Supplier 2012” award

The “Trusted Quality Supplier 2012” certification is granted just to the business which provides the best products or services for the markets. 


Hong Thien My Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company was voted

Hong Thien My was one of the 100 businesses received the “Trusted Quality Supplier 2012” and “Trusted Brand 2012” certifications on the VTV Vietnam Television channels at International Cooperation Center – Vietnam News Agency (Ho Chi Minh city).

The sponsors were:

   • Vietnamese Enterprise Institute and Association Center

   • International Organization of Standard – Quality Management System “ISO” NQA – England.

  • Vietnamese Trade Promotion Office at HCM city – Vietnamese Trade Promotion Agency.




(Certification received)

The “Trusted Quality Supplier” certification is a measurement to evaluate the quality products and services of Vietnamese companies, granted to honor the excellent businesses and help consumers make right choices. Nowadays, due to the consumers being confused in choosing the best product among the varieties of the advertised products and services with all manner of functions, this certification is very useful.

Besides Vietnamese Enterprise Institute, Center Assessment of Business Trust Index and - International Organization of Standard – Quality Management System NQA (England) also participate in quality testing and evaluation. Such a rich cooperation among the different functional organs makes sure of an overall and objective assessment to honor the worthy businesses.